King's Quest: Mask of Eternity - Official Demos

The demo versions on this page are just the zipped game folder after running the official setup that has been released by Sierra On-Line. This allows you to play the demos without compatibility issues (16-bit setup), without the enforced installation of the obsolete Sierra Utilities, and in a directory of your choice.

Make sure to read the main page to get it running on current Windows versions and on Wine.

Preservation notes: Unused third-party libraries have been removed (SmartHeap, HeapAgent, Visual C++ debug run-time), the 'Drive' entry in the ./mask.inf has been changed from an absolute to a relative path, all filenames have been converted to lowercase, and all timestamps are Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Mask Playable Demo (MaskDemo)

The initial/first demo includes the third world (The Swamp).

Extract the [] (50 MiB) to a new directory (e.g. C:\SIERRA\MaskDemo).

Mask Chapter One (MaskCh1)

The updated/second demo includes the first world (Daventry).

Extract the [] (114 MiB) to a new directory (e.g. C:\SIERRA\MaskCh1).

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