King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

On this little page you will find tools, files, and hints to get King's Quest: Mask of Eternity running on current Windows versions and on Wine.

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KQMoE Shim (kqmoefix) 

The King's Quest: Mask of Eternity - Shim is a run-time patch that has been developed to workaround the infamous TalkComplete bug (random cutscene freeze), a lot of compatibility issues, and some annoyances.

Installation: download the [], extract the kq8fix.exe (archive password is "kqmoefix") into the game directory (C:\SIERRA\Mask), run the kq8fix.exe, enable the shim for the Mask.exe (will be modified), close it, and enjoy the game.

All known demos, retail versions (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Brazilian), and the release have been tested on Windows 95..10 and Wine 1.8.
If you have any issues with kqmoefix, run the kq8fix.exe and enable the debug logging:
[Shim logging level: debug, Debug strings (game): shim log, Crash memory dump: normal]
Thereafter reproduce the problem, pack the Mask.kq8fix.log + Mask.kq8fix.dmp (zip/7z, no rar/ace/...), and send it to

Note that the log file and the crash dump file are deleted/overriden on every start of the game (don't forget to make a copy if you want to keep them).
If you have a crash on Wine (no crash dump file), just include the information of the built-in GUI crash dialog.

You also might try the []

The source code of the KQMoE Shim can be checked out from svn:// and browsed at
For the development I use the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition (the last version that supports Windows 95).
Contributions and translations are very welcome.

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Videos (re-encoded) 

For security reasons the Indeo codec is disabled by default on recent Windows versions, and the MCI implementation in Wine doesn't support arbitrary file extensions (has to be *.avi).
Therefore I re-encoded the videos for maximum compatibility (Cinepak codec + Microsoft ADPCM are included since Windows 95 and implemented in Wine).
Use the KQMoE Shim (kqmoefix), download the archive for your language, and extract the files into the game directory (C:\SIERRA\Mask).

Update: It seems that the Cinepak codec is not availabe/enabled in recent Windows 10 versions.
Therefore, this videos might also not work on your system. A built-in solution is planned for the KQMoE Shim, but the development and testing is expected to take a long time (some months).

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Play from disk 

Every time the game loads a world, it removes the other world resources, and extracts the current world from the game volumes. This slows down the saved game loading times significantly (even in the version, where the files are on your hard disk). To directly play from hard disk and skip the cleanup/unpacking: download the [], extract the kqmoevol.exe + kqmoepfd.cmd (archive password is "kqmoevol") into the game directory (C:\SIERRA\Mask), (insert the CD-ROM), and run the kqmoepfd.cmd script.

Note that the batch script requires Windows NT and is not fully compatible with the wineconsole (it works, but you have to edit the console.cs manually).

The source code of the KQMoE VOLume extrator can be checked out from svn:// and browsed at

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KQMoE maps: > maps/
Official Demos: > demo/
Official Patches: > patch/
Open source archiver: (Version 9.20 for Windows 95/98/ME and [50comupd.exe] for Windows 95 RTM)
KQMoE Palette Viewer: [] (archive password is "kqmoepal"), svn://,
File format research:
The Sierra Help Pages:

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